Dunstable author shares ‘down to earth’ memoirs about life as a clairvoyant medium

A Dunstable author has penned a new book to share her personal journey about life as a clairvoyant medium.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 11:37 am
Nicola Debley Richardson

Nicola Debley Richardson, 42, has released her debut title ‘Natural Mystic -Down to Earth and Spiritual’, which details her journey growing up in the town and her development through spiritual and holistic practice.

Nicola is a writer, life coach, spiritual mentor, ‘inspirational speaker’, and Reiki master - Reiki being a holistic (mind, body and soul) treatment, using a routine of hand placements along the client’s body and universal energy.

Nicola said: “I’d been keeping journals since I was a teenager and I felt the need to compile it all together.

Nicola, who is a former Northfields Upper School pupil, with her book.

“I also really wanted to share my journey to give spiritual types a platform, enabling me to elaborate on the fact we don’t all wear purple velvet!

“But I’ve also been doing lots of work with local people - coaching and teaching, and wanted to share some of my experiences.

“It’s an honest, authentic story, told with humour and raw emotion, in a down to earth, easy to follow and relate to way.”

Nicola’s book has been nominated for the The Costa Book Awards 2019 (Biography Section), while she has also set up Red Mountain Wellbeing in Houghton Regis, which offers meditation, mindfulness sessions and more.

Natural Mystic.

Nicola added: “As a child I was aware, but began to explore more as a teenager by going to the spiritual church in Dunstable. My mum was also a spiritual person.”

Readers can buy the book from Priory Tea Rooms, Dunstable, Amazon, or directly from Nicola - [email protected]

There is also a unique playlist that follows each chapter, which can be downloaded on Spotify.