Dunstable nail technicians working with top designer at London Fashion Week

Three nail technicians are making Dunstable proud as they head to London Fashion Week to work with a top designer.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 12:25 pm

Suzanne Clayton, of Souz Nails and Beauty, Georgia Hardwicke of Beautiful You Nails and Beauty, and Lauren Lenoir of The Nail Shed, are heading to the capital this weekend to work with Pierre Garroudi.

Led by Suzanne, under the name Nails by Souz and Co, the team has made 600 tips, and will be applying them to Pierre’s models so they can stride down the runway in style on Sunday evening.

Suzanne, of Toddington, said: “His philosophy is, Lady Gaga didn’t get where she was by wearing normal clothes.

Pierre's designs. Credit: Graham Reading.

“It’s something different and we can just go crazy.

“Pierre posted on his Instagram that he was looking for models, make up artists, etc, so I went to his studio in January and had a chat.

“I’ve previously stuck chess sets, pasta, and dinosaurs onto nails for his models!”

The fashion show takes place at 9pm in the Electrowerkz, Islington, and the team is looking forward to the atmosphere of “excited stress” and everyone chipping in to help each other out.

A model showing off Suzanne's previous nail designs.

Suzanne also creates nail designs for Pierre’s fashion flash mobs, and she chose Georgia, of Houghton Regis, and Lauren, of Dunstable, for her team after meeting them earlier this year.

Georgia said: “We’re really really excited and really nervous.Apparently you get about one hour to put on 60 tips!

“Pierre’s not your usual designer and it’s not your usual catwalk. We can express ourselves with the nails.

“The tips are made from plastic and we stick them to the models’ nails.”

Previous designs.

The ladies will be working with three others in the team; Sheniene Lebond of Nail Envy and Beauty by Sheniene, West Midlands; Em Lee, of Rebel Nails, Essex; and Sophie Donaldson, of Sophie’s Cosy Corner, Kent. They would also like to thank their sponsor Gelica.

Previous designs.