Houghton Regis shopper claims Morrisons More Card ‘hacked’ by someone in Kent

An upset Houghton Regis resident was left “astounded” after Morrisons refused to give him a refund when, he says, his More Card account was hacked.

Shopper Simon Cox, 59, had been saving up his £5 voucher rewards, but was surprised when three printed out at the self-service machine after his shop at the town’s store on December 6.

Simon and his Morrisons More Card

Simon and his Morrisons More Card

However, to his horror, Simon then checked his app and found that the day before, his account had been accessed by someone in Strood, Kent.

Nine vouchers, each worth £5, had been requested and the “hacker” spent six at the supermarket, leaving Simon the three which printed in Houghton Regis.

Simon claimed: “I called to report it and they [Morrisons] advised me to change my password and said somebody would give me a call back, but they never did. I called again was told that I wouldn’t be receiving a refund.

“I was initially annoyed and astounded, and will no longer be shopping there. You have to spend £1,000 to receive a £5 voucher, so from a logical point of view, if they are not willing to refund me £30, they will be losing out.

Morrisons, Houghton Regis. Credit: Google.

Morrisons, Houghton Regis. Credit: Google.

“This is about the arrogance of Morrisons, who are doing nothing to investigate.”

Simon also told the Gazette that he believes that this is not just one isolated incident, and pointed out that an online Facebook group has been set up online called ‘Morrisons Missing Points’, on which he claims people up and down the country are posting about similar experiences.

Simon has also taken up the case with BBC Watchdog and has spoken to a researcher for RIP Off Britain Live, whom he says will be doing a feature on the issue today at 9.15am on BBC1.

A Morrisons spokeswoman said: “Online hackers target people who use the same username and password across multiple sites. We regularly remind our customers about the importance of using a unique password. We take online security very seriously and our customer data has not been breached.”

But Simon told the Gazette that he works in the IT industry and therefore knows the importance of - and makes sure to - use different passwords for online accounts.