‘I was pushed out of my job at Houghton Regis care home’

A former staff member claims she was “pushed out” of her job at a Houghton Regis care home, and that its standards have rapidly gone downhill.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 9:00 am

The woman told the Gazette that she used to work at Rosalyn House, of King Street, which was taken over by Pressbeau in February.  

She claims the company told staff members that they were going to do a refurbishment inside and that their jobs would not be affected. 

However, one day she alleges that she came into the office to see her job advertised on the noticeboard. She claims she was told that after the change-over she wasn’t officially given that title, so although shocked, she thought she would apply again.

Rosalyn House has a residential unit, a nursing and palliative unit, and a new specialist dementia unit.Credit: Google.

She claimed: “I was soon called into the office for a meeting with senior Pressbeau staff.

“I thought it was the job interview, but they told me that the other members of staff didn’t like me, and that I was a ‘trouble-maker’. 

“They then told me to ‘go away and think about it seriously’.  One manager watched my every move, which was very stressful. I resigned but I was treated so callously. It broke my heart to leave the residents.” 

She claimed: “They are now cutting staff members’ hours and pay. People are too scared to speak out and there’s
not enough staff per residents.

“There are no snacks any more, but it is important for people with dementia to have regular snacks to keep up their metabolism.

“There is no funding for activities and I am still called by some of the residents’ relatives saying: ‘Where are you, Mum is bored, nothing is happening?’

“I think they [Pressbeau] are saving money for the refurb and got rid of me because I wouldn’t be afraid to speak out.

“I asked the other staff members if they had complained about me, but they were all shocked.”

Sharad Saraogi, managing director of Pressbeau, said: “Pressbeau acquired Rosalyn House in February and we have been wholly committed to improving the environment for both residents andstaff alike.

“A major refurbishment programme valued at £150,000 is underway which will make the home a much more welcoming place to live and work.

“Our ethos is one of family values and first-class care delivered by a highly trained and skilled workforce.

“We are hugely disappointed by these accusations which are categorically untrue.

“For instance, far from reducing food choices we have extended the daily menu and have built a lifestyle kitchen within the main lounge which means residents can enjoy snacks throughout the day and evening if they choose.

“So while these criticisms are totally unfounded, we are very aware that even being accused of them is not helpful to our wonderful care team who look after our valued residents day in day out.

“We have a great relationship with them, our residents and their relatives who have made us feel so welcome to the town.

“Our intention is for Rosalyn House to be a cornerstone in the local community and will continue doing all we can to ensure that the future of the home is a positive one for all involved.”