Luton commuter Jacqui has coach named in her honour

Jacquelyn Andrews. Credit: CGF Photography.
Jacquelyn Andrews. Credit: CGF Photography.

Green Line helped one of its most long-standing and valued customers mark the end of an era as she undertook her final journey on board the Luton to London coach after an impressive 33 years of commuting.

Jacquelyn Andrews, who has spent the last three decades working as a legal PA in central London, was presented with a card, flowers and champagne as she made her way to London for the final time – but she was taken aback when it was also unveiled that the coach she was travelling on had been named in her honour.

Jacqui, from Luton, said: “I will miss the sunrises to my left on the M1, my commuting friends, the familiarity of the journey, and the roads I love.

“Thank you to every single one of the drivers that drove me safely, day in, day out.”

Jacqui initially opted for the coach as it stopped was outside her very first office on Buckingham Palace Road.

She added: “One thing that has never changed in all this time, is that the coach is always reliable, and never get stopped by a leaf on the line! My brother started working in London the same time as I did in 1986. We both tried the train and we both tried the coach, I found the train stressful due to the amount of people, the unreliability and the fact that if you add all the time together for parking, the tube and walking to and from platforms, it is actually not any quicker but way more expensive.

“Having commuted by coach for more than 30 years, it would be foolish to look at it as anything other than your time to relax, to have 40 winks, read, listen to the radio, in more modern times, watch programme on your devices and talk to your fellow commuters and the drivers. The other great thing is, unlike the trains, if there is an issue on the roads, there is always a plan b or even c so we can go a different way to get to work or go home. The flexibility of it being a 24/7 service has been amazing, too.

“I was never one looking at my watch for the last one home, this has definitely added to my ability to party through the night!”