1st Dunstable Cubs and community help homeless receive clothes, food and new hair cuts

The evening at the 1st Dunstable Scout Hut.
The evening at the 1st Dunstable Scout Hut.

Kind-hearted members of the 1st Dunstable Cubs helped homeless and vulnerable individuals when they invited people to their scout hut for new clothes, hair cuts, and food.

Over the past few months the cubs have been working with not-for-profit organisation Streetlife to learn about what can be done to help the most needy in society.

Streetlife look after the homeless and vulnerable, and to help, the eager cubs opened the doors of their scout hut to the public on November 16.

Mary Plunkett, of the 1st Dunstable Cubs, said: “The 1st Dunstable and 2nd Hemel Hempstead cubs spent the afternoon preparing meals and cakes, ironing clothes and sorting out toiletries to give to the people in need.

“We had 17 people come through our doors on the evening who were all so very grateful for the food, clothes and other facilities we had arranged.

“We couldn’t have managed to pull off the event without the help of Streetlife in spreading the word to the community in need.”

The cub leaders chose homelessness as a cause to focus on, as they felt the issue was on the rise, and hoped that the children would learn that not everyone is as privileged as they are to have a house and food so readily available.

Mary added: “A huge thank you needs to go to Gents Barbering on High Street South, as Harry and Sam gave people free haircuts.

“A big thank you also needs to go to Luke from Darren’s Fruit and Veg stall on Leighton Buzzard Market, who donated all the fruit for us to use to make apple crumble.

“Another big thank you should go to Steve Beadle Consultancy Services, whose staff came along and helped the cubs make cakes and meals, and to set up. They also spent time serving the food and talking to the visitors.

“Finally, thank you to the people of Houghton Regis and Dunstable for donating clothing to this fantastic cause.”