Houghton Regis mum encourages children to take on Summer Reading Challenge


A mum from Houghton Regis is supporting The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge campaign.

Cassandra Philip, whose daughter, Nyah Atkinson, made it through to the semi-final of BBC 1’s ‘500-words’ story writing competition, believes the Summer Reading Challenge is a great way to keep children entertained during the school holidays.



She said: "The reading challenge gives children a reason to go to the library and encourages them to read.

"This morning, I told Nyah she needed less screen time, so she went up to her room and started reading Captain Underpants.

"I think the reading challenge is great for children during the holidays and they get a certificate or medal once the challenge has finished.

“When we got to the library I either leave my two-year-old son with his dad, which gives me a chance to spend some quality time with my daughter or I take them both and she usually chooses some books that he might like and she reads to him.”

As well as the reading challenge the libraries have free activities for families. Cassandra added: “There is always lots going on at the Houghton Regis library, they have arts and crafts sessions as well as the theatre and LEGO clubs.

“This year Nyah has chosen her own books to read, she chose six and they were all Captain Underpants, she has already read two and a half books.

“She is really enjoying them and she will come and tell me what is happening in the book, she really gets into them it’s good to see her get so excited about reading. It’s nice that she has got an author and style of writing that she loves, she loves reading and she even has a reading den in her bedroom.

"I would definitely recommend the reading challenge this summer, it can help keep children entertained on car journeys, or rainy days.

"Even just getting some books out and having them around the house could encourage children to pick them up and start reading."

This year the Summer Reading Challenge is celebrating its 20th anniversary and The Reading Agency is encouraging children to join in with the free, fun activities and reading challenge at their local library.

To mark the 20th anniversary, The Reading Agency and libraries are calling on families to make space for reading over the summer by setting aside some time each day to read together.

Konnie Huq, TV presenter and ambassador for The Reading Agency, said: “I can definitely relate to feeling stressed in the lead-up to, and during the summer holidays.

"Finding things to do, and making sure your kids are enjoying every minute of their time can be pretty full on for parents.

"Not only does the Summer Reading Challenge keep children busy, but it’s something you can do together.

"There’s nothing quite like sitting down with your family and all sharing enthusiasm for books you all love."