Luton author raises awareness of Sickle Cell disease with blog and romantic thriller

A Luton-born author has “found her purpose” and written a book and blog to raise awareness and offer advice about Sickle Cell disease.

Friday, 28th June 2019, 9:36 am
Sharon and her book, which is available on Amazon and other websites.

Sharon Fevrier, 43, is proud to have published her online advice column ‘International Sickle Cell Day - June 19’, as well as her romantic thriller ‘Blossom Tree’.

The ambitious mum has fought Sickle Cell disease since she was a child and is determined to raise awareness about the condition, which is a genetic disorder - the most common type being sickle cell anaemia (SCA).

The blood disorder means oxygen is unable to move around the body freely due to the shape of the sickle cells, which can clump together and can cause chronic pain - a sickle cell crisis.

'Blossom Tree'.

Sharon said: “This is a life long illness and as a child I spent many nights in the L&D.

“It can also affect your eyesight, kidneys, joints - everything - if you’ve not got enough oxygen it starts to affect your organs.

“When I was at university the retina of my left eye became detached and I had to have an operation. I’m now partially sighted. People are surprised that sickle cell can affect people this way but it shouldn’t be a taboo subject.”

Sharon’s blog offers advice about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you have sickle cell disease, including tips about staying hydrated and avoiding stress.

Meanwhile, her book ‘Blossom Tree’ tells the story of main character Shantel who meets a toxic new partner.

Sharon said: “It’s the everyday life of a woman and how she leaves that relationship - with the twist that she has this medical condition - sickle cell.

“I have had positive feedback from people around the world - Dubai, America, France - saying they loved my book and could relate. Your health can really be impacted by the relationship you’re in.”