Helping people on the path to recovery

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East London NHS Foundation Trust’s Path 2 Recovery (P2R) team have welcomed a senior politician to their Dunstable hub.

P2R is a one stop service which provides advice, treatment and support to people in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire whose lives are affected

by drug or alcohol use.

Andrew Selous, MP for South West Bedfordshire, visited the offices on July 13 to learn more about the work of the service as he researches drug addiction and

substance misuse in his constituency and across the country.

He talked with frontline team members and also had an informal meeting with staff including the Trust’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Calaminus.

They discussed the challenges of addiction work and shared ideas about changes which could be made nationally to improve how to identify, engage

and support adults with drug addiction issues.

“We were delighted to host a visit from such a senior politician,” said the Trust’s Specialist Addiction Service’s Service Manager Sharon Hawley.

“He was tremendously supportive of our work across Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough and also keen to hear our thoughts about the bigger picture for helping people with addiction.”