Walk on, Canasta! Kind Houghton Regis mum on mission for Dementia UK

Canasta during her walk and (bottom right) her route.
Canasta during her walk and (bottom right) her route.

A Houghton Regis mum refused to be defeated by chilling autumn winds as she completed her charity walk for Dementia UK.

Canasta Tiffin, 43, braved blustery weather on October 29 to complete her 10-mile, three-hour challenge after being inspired by a lady with dementia.

The charity fundraiser used to clean for a local couple called Richard and Sheila, and was saddened to see how the disease affected 86-year-old Sheila, who now lives in a care home.

Canasta said: “I was frozen to the bone and I have had a cold ever since. It was really hard because of the weather - it was windy as well - but it was worth it. I have hit my target of £100. I am so, so pleased - and I had a long soak in the bath to thaw out.”

Earlier this year, Canasta completed her first 10-mile walk around the Dunstable and Houghton Regis area to raise money for the British Lung Foundation, after Richard passed away in March following a battle with COPD.

She said: “I know if he was here, Richard would have been himself and said: ‘You’re not going to do it in this weather, are you? Why don’t you look after yourself?’

“This is one individual walk, but by doing this I hope someone else can follow on and do something.

“Some people don’t have the ability or the health to do a challenge, but I do. It’s knowing you’ve done something nice. You never know when you yourself may need help from a charity.

“A massive thank you for reading my story for the second time. Every donation counts; you’ve helped a charity close to people’s hearts.”

But the kind-hearted mum isn’t stopping there. She is now organising raffles for Breast Cancer Care, and is hoping friends and colleagues can help raise money by playing along. She also urges people to visit their GP if they have symptoms they are worried about.