Clinic gives student athletic physique

WITH the Olympics coming to London in the summer and the Olympic torch passing through Luton, all attention will be on the stars of the show - the athletes.

Sunday, 29th January 2012, 10:00 am

Britain’s sportsmen and women train hard to be in top condition, but some people long for a toned phsyique without putting in the hard work.

Riverbanks clinic near Luton offers surgery to create a muscular body without the phsyical efffort.

Billy Brandham, 21, from Luton, underwent Vaser Lipo surgery to get a sculpted chest as he felt his workouts in the gym were not giving him the look he wanted.

Billy said: “I have always been a bit shy of my chest and shoulders and found it really frustrating that even with rigorous training in the gym I couldn’t see any improvements in toning. I decided I needed a little extra help and started researching on the internet. That’s when I came across the Riverbanks clinic down the road who offered this unique treatment.”

Billy, who is a sports science student, saved up the £1,500 for the operation himself as he was so determined to go ahead with the surgery.

He said: “I wasn’t really nervous about it or anything. It hurts for a couple of days because of the incisions but after two or three days it’s fine. My family were really supportive of my decision and I’d definitely recommend it.”

The Vaser Lipo involves both liposuction to remove excess fat and sculpting to create definition.

Riverbank surgeon, Dr Ravi Jain, said: “The procedure isn’t suitable for everyone, such as those with poor skin tone, but we are always happy to advise patients on the best treatment options for them, to ensure they get the best results possible. No one should be able to guess that you’ve had surgery – they’ll think you’ve just worked out.”

For more information about Vaser Lipo or to make an appointment visit or call 0844 704 7756.