A mini carnival for Tesco shoppers to help Level Trust

Tesco will be hosting a mini carnival on Sunday
Tesco will be hosting a mini carnival on Sunday

Shoppers will be able to experience a carnival atmosphere at Tesco on Sunday, June 7, as the store will be holding a mini carnival to raise money for Level Trust.

The Skimpot Road supermarket will have staff dressed in carnival costumes, stools for visitors and small rides for children.

The event will be from 10am, all money raised will go towards funding for the charity’s Learn At Home project, which launches on Thursday, June 11.

The charity aims to remove the barriers that poverty brings to a child’s education in Luton, so that they can do their best at school.

The project provides stationary packs for four-year-old children starting school.

Jane Malcolm. Level Trust director, said: “The pack contains everything a child needs to practice learning skills at home, like drawing and sticking and a book written by a local author.

“It tells the story of a little boy afraid of school, but overcoming his fears and having a wonderful time!

“Last year the book helped the children to feel confident on the first day, we are hoping for the same again.”