A rubbish sight for Keech Hospice

Rubbish dumped near to Keech Hospice
Rubbish dumped near to Keech Hospice

Staff and patients from Keech Hospice Care were faced with a bad case of fly tipping on the lane leading to the Hospice on Monday morning.

The clinical director, Liz Searle, was angered by the sight she saw, half of Great Bramingham Lane was full of rubble and sharp builders waste.

She said: “This is not a one off, it is a sight that unfortunately we see quite regularly.

“It is blocking half of the lane which could prevent an ambulance from reaching the hospice.

“Fly tipping anywhere is not good but it is especially horrible to see it on a lane that leads to a hospice that cares for people with life limiting or terminal illnesses.

“Visitors come here to see family members who we care for and that is the first thing they see, it is not the welcoming message we would like for the hospice.

“I hope the people that are dumping the rubbish realise what they are doing and stop.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesman said: “We are aware that this area is targeted by fly-tippers and monitor it regularly, as well as having spoken with representatives of Keech Hospice.

“So far we have been unable to identify where the waste has come from or who has dumped it.

“We would encourage people to report any instances of fly-tipping and if we can find any evidence of where it has come from then we will look to prosecute the offenders.”