A5 could become 30mph in Hockliffe

A Hockliffe resident hopes the A5 that runs through the village will become safer following a meeting to discuss the problems.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 6:00 am
Traffic on the A5 through Hockliffe

The meeting between Hockliffe Parish Council, Bedfordshire Police and Highways England took place on Monday, November 12, following the fourth fatality on the road since June.

The council, and residents, appealed for Highways England to take immediate action to tackle the problems on the road. The speed limit on the road is currently 40mph, they suggested reducing it to 30mph and introducing traffic calming measures.

Hockliffe Parish Councillor Richard Alexander said: “The police came to the meeting with Highways England and said that the evidence did not support reducing the speed in the village. But on Thursday we received an update from the police to say that they are looking into reducing the speed and introducing traffic calming measures.

“Highways England supported what the police said at the meeting, we argued our points about the four fatalities, the safety of residents and the dangers of speeding and overtaking on that road.

“Maybe after hearing our points it has made them reconsider, following the meeting we were disappointed about how it went, but when the update from the police came on Thursday, it is more positive news, if it does happen.”

MP Andrew Selous has been supporting the residents with their campaign to reduce the speed on the A5 through the village from 40mph to 30mph.

Following the meeting, he said: “I have spoken with both Martin Fellows of Highways England and Inspector Jamie Langwith of Road Policing.

“Both have assured me that there will be a plan of action to deal with these issues by the middle of next month.

“I understand this could involve reducing the speed limit through the village to 30 mph, possible reductions in speed limits and traffic calming measures either side of the village.”

Inspector Annita Clarke said: “We are aware of the issue in Hockliffe and the concern of the local residents.

“We are working with our partners and communities to improve the road safety in the area. Officers will be carrying out enforcement activity in the area to address the issue.

“We would also encourage residents to report dangerous or anti-social driving to us to enable us to take action.”

A spokesman for Highways England said: “It was good to meet with Hockliffe Parish Council last week, and to understand more about each other’s views about safety on the A5 through the Parish.

“We are looking at a number of ideas for improving safety on the A5, including a potential review of the speed limit, and will report back to the council in due course.

“Safety aspects proposed in the study include: a review of the speed limit on the A5 within the village, improvements to the existing village gateways to make it clearer to drivers that they are entering Hockliffe, improved signage and road markings including queue warning signs on the approach to the village, ‘Keep Clear’ road markings at key junctions through the village and further vegetaion clearance where it is obscuring road signs.”