Alternative art exhibition opens in Luton

A new exhibition in High Town featuring a range of alternative art is sure to blow the cobwebs of your mind.

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 3:59 pm
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 4:46 pm

High Hats on High Town Road is hosting the exhibition at least until Saturday.

Four artists are featured - including University of Bedfordshire artists in residence – Alva Wilson and Stephen Whiting.

London-born Alva is one of Luton’s best known milliners. His latest art involves a range of geometric prints that nevertheless include hats as a main theme.

“I took a negative, exposed it on screen and then experimented with colours,” said Alva. “It was partly inspired by Bridget Riley, who was one of the pioneers of Op Art in the 1960s.”

Another bombastic feature of Alva’s art includes large sculptured sunglasses, with outlandish spires spiking out of the frames from all angles.

Alva said: “That’s a new direction I’m working in, it’s very camp but I love it. And they are proving to be popular for obvious reasons.

“It’s also the element of hiding behind a mask, like in a masquerade where you become somebody else. I’m doing more of these in different colours and they work for both men and women.”

Also featured in the exhibition is Stephen Whiting, who specialises in abstract prints. His latest artwork upcycles old 60s book markers, and embellishes them with ink patterns.

Stephen said: “You start off with one mark and go from there, sometimes you create patterns and consistencies that mirror each other. The way it’s put together, it’s like a landscape.”

Asked about the meaning behind his work, he said: “I think it’s just basically to show that the stuff that people throw out - that they don’t see any value in - you can actually take and create something of dynamic proportions. It is true of anything.”

The exhibition at High Hats on High Town Road runs until Saturday but according to the artists may be extended for a further week.