Anger at loss of street parking from proposed drop kerb in Houghton Regis

The situation in Peel Street
The situation in Peel Street

A man from Houghton Regis expressed his anger after bollards were erected in his street by Central Beds highways – apparently without warning or explanation.

Les Read, of Peel Street, says the installation of the bollards relate to plans to install a drop kerb on one of the street pavements.

It is a move, he says, that would create disaster for motorists trying to park in the street, which has only six available spaces.

He said: “I’ve been properly stressed out by this, the highways department said nothing would be going ahead without contacting us first. They’ve been making the right noises that it wasn’t going ahead.

“If my neighbour gets his drop kerb we will go from six parking spaces down to just four.

“There’s ten to 12 cars that park here, including council officers as well as residents.

“All these bollards have appeared and no-one had told us why. It’s happened since this guy asked for permission for the drop kerb.

“I’ve talked to the town council, even the police about it, and no-one knows anything. Trying to get through to highways is like banging your head against a brick wall.”

The drop kerb was allegedly requested to allow one retired neighbour to safely park a 16ft mobile home in his drive.

Plans were for it to be created today, but these have since been put on hold by the council.

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesman told the Gazette that the officer responsible was off sick and no-one else could account for the sudden placement of the bollards.

After the Gazette spoke to the council, an officer allegedly rang Mr Read saying the drop kerb was now on hold.

Mr Read said: “I’ve been told that the drop isn’t going ahead as planned, at least not until the officer who’s off sick has returned to work.”

The Central Beds spokesperson later added: “Our area team are aware of the complaint and works have been postponed until further notice until an officer looks into this further.”