Apartment plans objected

Kishor Patel
Kishor Patel

A business entrepreneur will work with the community to improve a planning application for 12 one-bed apartments, after Houghton Regis Town Council objected the plans.

Kishor Patel proposed plans to build the apartments on land next to a Houghton Regis pub.

The council objected the planning application because of the scale of the development, the design, the use of the car park and the price of the apartments.

Mr Patel said: “The renovation of the Dog & Duck pub in Parkside Drive will be something the whole community will be proud of.

“Houghton Regis Town Council has raised some concerns and objections and we will take the time to get it right. I am very grateful to the community in Houghton Regis for supporting our convenience stores over many years and wouldn’t want to do anything to upset that relationship,”

A spokesperson for Houghton Town council said: “The Town Council have objected to this planning application. Mr Patel has contacted the town council with additional information/explanation in response.

“However, the Town Council would only reconsider an application should formal changes be made to it through the planning process and Central Bedfordshire Council consulted further.

“At present I am not aware of any formal changes to the application and as such the Town Council have not scheduled a re-consideration or site visit.”

Mr Patel’s company has invested heavily in refurbishing the Dog & Duck, which will provide jobs for the town.

He added: “There is a lot of land at the site, which already has planning permission for housing. We listened to local people, who told us that they needed quality one-bedroom apartments.

“It has taken us over two years to get to this position and we are working with the architect, consultants and Central Bedfordshire Council to iron out the issues.

“I very much hope Houghton Regis Town Council will be able to reconsider the planning application and extend an invite to them to visit the site.”