Balloon’s trek to scenic Italy is pasta belief!

Italian hikers sent  this picture showing where Hadrian Academy balloon was found, in the Val Fontana valley.
Italian hikers sent this picture showing where Hadrian Academy balloon was found, in the Val Fontana valley.

Up, up and away! A letter from hikers in Italy about a well-travelled balloon left Dunstable pupils walking on air.

For the email told of how a tag from Hadrian Academy’s balloon release had ended up in the Val Fontana valley – in northern Italy.

Amazingly, the balloon started its journey on January 17, when each child at the Hadrian Avenue school released a balloon to celebrate becoming an academy.

Every balloon had a tag asking the finder to contact Hadrian, with the idea of making links with schools near the balloons’ landing points.

Now the academy has received the following email in Italian, which was then translated into English.

It began “Dear friends”, and told how finders Maria, Angela and Michele live in Milan and found the tag while on holiday.

They were trekking in the mountains when they found a piece of white balloon with the tag, in the Val Fontana valley, Chiuro, near the Swiss border.

The email went on: “It was a surprise for us when we read the address, and we said: ‘Wow! Such a long journey for a balloon! As soon as we come back home we should check on the web to find out who sent it!

“So here we are now. We surfed on your website and saw your town and the video of the celebrating day with all the blue and white balloons. This reminds us when we did the same when our daughters were in school. 

“We send you the pictures of the tag and the place where we found it.”

Principal Sharon Ingham said: “We were surprised and delighted that people would go to the trouble of looking up the website and writing to us.

“It was a very kind thought and action on their part.”

Balloon tags also turned up closer to home, at Great Wilbraham Primary School, Cambs.

Hadrian pupils have written to the school, and hope to forge an inter-school friendship.

> South West Beds MP Andrew Selous has given a VIP launch to Hadrian Academy’s new “multi sport area”, and congratulated the pupils and staff on becoming an academy.

The academy received a £38,000 grant from the Education Funding Agency to decommission its pool, no longer fit for purpose, and converted that area into the new facility.

Hadrian says it is always keen to offer sports opportunities for pupils. After its sports successes last year, the team is now hoping to earn even more trophies and cups in 2012/13.