Boy injured in kitchen blaze


A young boy was treated for smoke inhalation after a kitchen fire at his home in Dunstable on Friday.

Bedfordshire Firefighters were called to Scawsby Close, Dunstable, at around 3.30pm by an automatic fire alarm. When firefighters from Dunstable and Luton arrived they found there had been a fire in the kitchen which was already out.

A young boy was treated from smoke inhalation and handed over to the care of paramedics.

The fire started accidentally.

At 11.36am on Sunday firefighters were called to Chalgrave Manor Golf Club, Toddington Road, Dunstable, where a fire had broken out in the kitchen.

Firefighters from two fire engines from Dunstable Community Fire Station found there was a fire in a deep fat fryer in kitchen. Firefighters donned breathing apparatus against fumes and smoke and used a dry powder extinguisher to put the blaze out.

The fire had started accidentally and the incident was closed at 12.01.

There were no casualties.