Dunstable off licence sold alcohol to a child


A covert operation to test the alcohol sales policies of pubs and off-licences ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend caught out one Dunstable businesses.

Officers from Bedfordshire Police’s licensing team worked with the Trading Standards team at Central Bedfordshire Council, as well as volunteers aged under 18, who entered various venues and shops in the South Beds area to attempt to purchase alcohol on Thursday, August 25.

All of the pubs visited passed the test by refusing the sale of alcohol without the showing of a valid ID.

However, Dunstable’s Prestige Wines, in High Street North, failed the test and was issued with a £90 Fixed Penalty Notice.

Two off-licences in Leighton Buzzard – Buzz Wines, and Cornish News and Wine, both of North Street – were also fined.

Licensing Sergeant Craig Gurr said: “We’re really encouraged by the vigilance of the pubs, whose staff did the right thing in challenging our minors for ID before agreeing to sell them alcohol.

“Operations like this are carried out often across the county, and are a key part of ensuring the safety of young people and indeed all who enjoy Bedfordshire’s nightlife. We take action wherever these standards fall short and will work together with the off-licences which failed to ensure they operate within the law.”