Dunstable Town Centre Manager Clare Brett on festive plans for the town

View of light beams reflecting from a disco ball.
View of light beams reflecting from a disco ball.

In a festive first, the annual Dunstable Town Council switch on event will feature a spectacular lighting finale with an array of special effects, lighting and lasers, elegantly synchronised to a custom musical soundtrack.

The display itself will feature buildings surrounding the The Square lit with LED lighting, two digital clock style countdowns and an art structure containing multiple size mirror balls over the crowd. Sound good so far? Along with this there will be a plethora of special effects including confetti, bubbles, smoke, snowfall and pyrotechnics! The display will take place at the end of this traditional event, with the switching on of Dunstable’s giant Christmas tree. The finale will last between 5-10 minutes and will take inspiration from modern and contemporary Christmas themes along with some influence from large scale shows.

The Christmas Tree Carols and Torchlight event will be taking place on Friday 2 December from 7 pm on The Square. The event features the massed choirs of Dunstable joining together in song to celebrate Christmas and switch on the tree. There might even be a visit from Father Christmas!

For further information on this and other activities taking place over the Christmas period, please visit:

The lighting finale has been funded by the Dunstable Joint Committee.