Ceroc and roll down to your dance classes

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People are being encouraged to relax, unwind and revitalise themselves by putting their dancing shoes on.

Ceroc, the UK’s largest dance organisation, runs inexpensive dance nights that don’t just entail classes.

The fun-filled evenings of dance start with classes for beginners and intermediate dancers then followed by foot-stomping, “booty shaking” freestyle until late.

Organisers say these partner dance nights are great for bringing communities together and spreading a little bit of happiness.

Ceroc Central franchisee Michaella Walker said: “The best thing for me about dancing is that I get to completely switch off from the days trials and tribulations. Whatever is on your mind disappears as soon as you cross the threshold and once you start to dance you become totally immersed in the moment.

“Unfortunately, attending the gym, watching TV or generally socialising just doesn’t have the same effect for me.”

Even though Ceroc teach partner dance classes, it is not necessary to bring one as everyone is moved to a different partner every couple of minutes during the class, and is then free to ask anyone else to dance in the subsequent freestyle.

Ceroc nights are not competitive, the focus is on the social aspect of the evening and you learn at your own pace.

Michaella said that whether you attend for the first or tenth time, you will always get some dances and the confidence you feel once you’ve got it, is immense.

Local Ceroc dance nights are held between 7.30pm and 10.45pm, Monday to Thursday.

Potential new members can try their first night for free by taking this article along with you.

Sessions are held in Cambridge on Mondays and Wednesdays; Letchworth on Mondays; Luton on Tuesdays; St Neots on Tuesdays, Milton Keynes on Wednesdays and in Bedford on Thursdays.

For more information call 01234 378946 or visit www.