Chained dog in Dunstable ‘left to languish’

The chained dog
The chained dog

The RSPCA has offered advice to a dog owner after passersby raised concerns about the pet’s welfare.

The animal charity got involved after a man found a golden lurcher chained above its head at the Woodside Industrial Estate on Tuesday, June 21.

He reported on Facebook that the dog was unable to lie down due to the shortness of the chain and claimed the dog had sores on its body and was standing in its faeces.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, told the Gazette: “Hopefully this poor dog will end up in a good home one day.”

The RSPCA and Central Bedfordshire Council were contacted after fears grew when it had been chained for several hours.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “A member of the public contacted us with concerns about a tethered dog who they thought had been abandoned at an industrial estate in Dunstable.

“We attended as soon as we could to check he was alright, and found he had not been abandoned but belonged to someone and is being taken care of. We have spoken with the owner and offered advice about the dog’s welfare.”

After the post was shared on social media, a number of users took to Facebook.

Jayne Mudie said: “I think all this poor dog needs is a regular meal and a bit of TLC to be honest. He looks sad.”

Karan Locke added: “So sad and unfair. The RSPCA need to get their finger out and assist before it’s too late.”

A CBC spokesman said: “We were made aware of the dog due to complaints from residents who had called the RSPCA.

“We then phoned the RSPCA to tell them how bad the situation was and that the dog was unable to lie down or reach their water bowl. The RSPCA then agreed to send out an officer.”

After enquiring about the situation of the dog after being visited, the RSPCA stated: “For legal reasons, we can’t go into details of individual cases raised to us but please be reassured that we take all reports of animal welfare concerns very seriously and do what we can within the law to ensure their future welfare.”