Charity teams up with Luton businesses to help pupils succeed

Level Trust teamed up with local businesses to provide students with a school bag filled with stationary and revision resources to help them prepare for GCSE studies.

Saturday, 2nd July 2016, 11:00 am
Volunteers from Vauxhall helped pack the stationary bags with Level Trust
Volunteers from Vauxhall helped pack the stationary bags with Level Trust

The charity worked with Natwest, Wilkinsons and Vauxhall on the project that aims to remove any barriers the students face in succeeding at school by providing them with revision sources.

Volunteers from Vauxhall helped Level Trust pack the stationary bags. Ive Mincheva from the supply chain, said: “We packed up 150 bags for the students who will be taking their exams in the near future.

“Level Trust are amazing to help these young people, as the items are very expensive for families.”

The charity is working with high schools to distribute the [email protected] packs to students in Luton who are about to begin their GCSE courses.

Level Trust’s Katy Royce said: “Before joining the Level Trust team, I was a high school teacher. I worked with pupils whose families weren’t able to buy them the equipment that they needed to help them revise and finish coursework at home.

“This puts them at a disadvantage.

“Providing a young person with learning equipment like this gives pupils the tools that they need to achieve at school.

“It encourages them to keep on working hard and shows them that the community of Luton is behind them.

“We need Luton’s young people to know that their community are cheering them on to achieve great things at school.”

Bimla Assra, senior relationship manager at the Natwest commercial office in Luton, said: “Natwest was delighted to support Level Trust with a community grant, awarded to assist with the production of their [email protected] GCSE study packs.

“We are always keen to support local initiatives, and were very keen to support the production of the study packs which we felt would have a very positive impact locally.”