Conservative Andrew Selous victorious in South West Beds

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Andrew Selous was re-elected as MP for South West Bedfordshire for the fifth time, with a whopping 32,961 votes.

The Labour candidate, Daniel Scott, came second with 18,793. This was an increase of 8,000 votes for Labour compared to 2015 and its best result since 2001.

After the announcement, MP Andrew Selous said: “It’s a huge privilege and a humbling experience to be elected to parliament.

“This is the fifth time the people of South Bedfordshire have put their trust in me and I will do everything in my power to be worthy of that trust.

“I am now concerned about what is happening nationally, it is unclear at the moment.

“My thoughts are with my colleagues and friends who have lost their seats and in particular what is going to happen for the government of our country.

“I’m really excited about the future of our area, there has been a £2 billion investment in out area and 50 different business deals off the back of the A5-M1 Link road.”

Runner-up Daniel Scott said: “It has been a good night for Labour so far.

“Definitel the most important thing for us is that Labour does well nationally.”

See the breakdown of results below.

Conservative: Andrew Selous - 30,160

Labour: Daniel Scott - 18,793

Lib Dem: Daniel North - 2,630

Green: Morvern Rennie - 950

Christian Alliance: Morenike Adesoye Mafoh - 301