Constant hum noise is driving residents mad

Residents are fed up of the constant humming sound coming from Aryzta Bakeries on Woodside Industrial Estate.

Tuesday, 16th August 2016, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th August 2016, 3:40 pm

The noise has been heard by Carol Chamberlain, of Hadrian Avenue, since April. When she complained to the council she was told they were in correspondence with the company.

She said: “The noise is a constant hum, it has been going on for months, despite the council saying they were in correspondence with them.”

Aryzta Bakeries is on Humphreys Road, Woodside Industrial Estate, Debbie Gardiner, of Goldstone Crescent nearly 1 mile away, first noticed the noise in May, she said: “I complained to the council on July 17, and got a response the next day confirming they had received numerous complaints about a low level hum from Aryzta Bakeries on Humphreys Road. I was told that the council had spoke with them and made a site visit.

“They also said the bakery was in the process of having a silencer manufactured to reduce the level of noise which is causing an issue to local residents and that they anticipate this being completed within the next few weeks.

“Now nearly five weeks later the noise is still there 24/7, it it like having some kind of torture chamber day and night there is constant humming, sometimes louder depending on the wind direction.

“I urge Central Bedfordshire Council to take action and if Aryzta Bakeries cannot comply with the agreement to have a silencer fitted in the next few days, then they should cease production until one is fitted.”

A spokesperson for Central Bedfordshire Council said: “In response to complaints received, we did investigate this noise issue and through the use of frequency analysis pin-pointed the source as Aryzta bakery on the Woodside Estate.

“A visit to the company further identified the noise as coming from the air intake on the oven.

“The noise is not particularly loud but is noticeable due to the tonal nature of the noise and is particularly noticeable at night when other ambient noise sources naturally diminish.

“During informal discussions with the company, and indeed, with their engineer, it was agreed that they purchase a silencer from the US supplier to be fitted to the air intake to reduce the noise.

“I spoke with the company on Friday and the silencer is expected to be received today or tomorrow and then fitted as soon as possible. We will maintain liaison with the company to ensure that this occurs.”