Council urged to take action as car front smashed on Dunstable’s ‘dangerous A5183’

The scene.
The scene.

A Dunstable woman is urging the council to take action after “yet another nasty accident” happened on the A5183.

Nina Alefounder, owner of Country House Kennels and Cattery, claims she has been writing to Central Bedfordshire Council since she moved in last year to warn them about a “hazardous bend” that her property sits on.

Just before the kennels, the speed limit changes from National to 50mph, but Nina says that due to the poor visibility round the bend - and because all too often cars don’t slow down - there have been crashes or near misses as people pull out into the road.

The most recent accident happened on Saturday (June 15) at around 10am, when a customer drove out from the kennels as another car came round the bend.

Nina told the Gazette: “They looked and thought nothing was coming, but a car came round and smashed the front of their car off. The engine was on the floor and it’s probably been written off.

“No-one was badly hurt, but the driver [the customer] was in her 70s. Her hands were cut with glass.

“I have spoken to CBC about it numerous times but no-one ever gets back to me.”

Nina has several ideas including reducing the speed to 40mph, introducing a speed camera, or even a mirror - which she offered to pay for.

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “We are working with Country House Kennels to make entering and exiting their business as safe as possible. A Senior Road Safety Officer has visited the owners of the kennels recently and has explained the reasons we can’t install a mirror or speed camera. However, we have agreed to refresh the lines on the road and we will consider introducing red line markings as a warning to drivers. We will also look into moving the current speed signs further away from the entrance, to help reduce the speed of drivers earlier.”