Call to tackle ‘intimidating’ masked bikers

The off-road bikers, photographed by Nicky Duncombe
The off-road bikers, photographed by Nicky Duncombe

A mum from Dunstable was targeted by a gang of off-road bikers while picking up her one-year-old daughter in the town centre.

Nicky Duncombe, 47, was left reeling after the encounter in the car park behind Go Bowling Alley on the afternoon of Saturday, August 1.

The seized bike will be crushed

The seized bike will be crushed

She said: “I have lived in Dunstable for 47 years and have never been subject to such intimidating behaviour.”

The incident unfolded as Nicky fastened her little girl into the back seat of her car, after picking her up from a rehearsal of the Wizard of Oz pantomime atGrove Theatre.

The mum was startled to hear a loud noise behind her, as two motorbikes – without number plates – sped past just inches away, skidding around her car.

She described the riders as wearing hoodies, with bandanas, and said: “It was dreadful. I’m not easily frightened but it was awful with my little girl there.”

An elderly man walking his dog witnessed the incident and supported Ms Dubcombe, as she contacted police on 101 .

She said: “The bikers returned and I asked them, ‘why did you do that to me?’, and they shouted disgusting insults at me.”

Ms Duncombe was so angry at the behaviour that she took a photo of the assailants, published above.

Since publishing the story in Dunstable Gazette earlier this week, a reader came forward claiming to have spotted the same group.

She said: “My husband and I came across them on Tuesday at around 6.30pm.

“We were on the way to the taxi rank outside the Methodist church when an off-road bike with three people on it narrowly missed us. The driver was wearing a balaclava but his passengers weren’t .

“As they sped off on the main road the driver shouted abuse. None of them had helmets and there was no licence plate on the bike.”

Beds Police stated they seized a number of off-road bikes from the area around Go Bowling in Dunstable in recent days.

On Saturday, August 1, a bike believed to be stolen from a car park in Dallow Road, Luton, was recovered by police, and on Monday, August 3 a man was reported for traffic offences and his scooter was seized and will be crushed.

Chief Inspector Gavin Hughes-Rowlands said: “We want to reassure the public that we are taking action on their concerns to tackle these offenders and keep our communities safe.

“Just because we are not visible at all times, it does not mean that work is not going on behind the scenes to help prevent this behaviour.”