Cash till stolen from Dunstable Cake House

The door to Dunstable Cake House was smashed
The door to Dunstable Cake House was smashed

The owner of Dunstable Cake House is appealing for information after the shop was broken into and the till was stolen.

Hayley Pfeifer alerted the police to the break in on Monday morning when she went into the shop.

Dunstable Cake House door was broken

Dunstable Cake House door was broken

She said: “I popped in on Monday and after taking my son to school and saw one of the doors had been jimmied open and the other door had been smashed.

“It must have happened at some point between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. I phoned the police and someone from a neighbouring business came in the shop with me.

“It was a right mess, there was glass everywhere. I think the mess was more from the door, rather than them ransacking the shop.

“They took the till, that was all they got, it was just the float in there, no more than £50.

“It is more the inconvenience for us and the hassle of tidying everything up, sorting out replacement doors and a new till.

“Fortunately we are closed on Mondays, so business hasn’t been affected, it’s just the inconvenience of sorting everything out.

“I am hoping someone saw something, someone walking down the street with a till, I don’t think it would go unnoticed.”

Bedfordshire Police are investigating the incident, a spokesperson for the force said: “We are investigating a burglary that happened at some time between 1pm on Sunday, December 11, and 8.45am on Monday.

“The break-in happened at the Cake House in High Street South, Dunstable, and a till with a small amount of cash was stolen.”

Hayley, who has been running the shop from High Street South for five years, has been overwhelmed by the support she has received from neighbouring businesses and her customers.

She said: “The support

we have received has been amazing, it just shows how kind people are, everyone wants to help.

“Baileys Professional Hairdressing from across the road, have kindly lent us their till and other businesses are looking through their CCTV to see if they can narrow down the window of when the break in happened.

“The police are unable to look at the council’s CCTV at the moment as the time window of when it may have happened is too big, we are hoping to get an idea of the time so we can go back to them. If anyone has any information please contact the police.” Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting reference JD/50930/2016.