Charles Bronson hits out at ‘secret’ parole hearing

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Luton hard man and category A prisoner Charles Bronson is challenging a decision to hold a parole board hearing about him inhis absence.

Bronson, who now wishes to be knows as Charles Salvador, says he had requested both he and his fiancee Lorraine Etherington be atthe hearing due in May.

But yesterday he says he received a sealed letter from The Parole Board, informing him that the Parole Board had held hishearing and he has been refused parole for the next two years.

Bronson, once described as the most violent prisoner in Britain, is currently serving a life sentence at Wakefield prison.

In a statement Bronson said he is now consulting a prison law expert to see if he can appeal,not the decision as such,but the fact that it was held in his absence.

“What the Parole Board have done is totally illegal.,” he said. “They have held my hearing without me there. I wasn’t allowed to speak, I wasn’t even told what date the hearing was. I applied for my fiancee to be there with me to submit our supporting documentation. This is something that only happens in Russian, not the UK. This is disgusting, and unlawful.”

Bronson’s fiancee said of the decision: ‘We’re both in total shock. We haven been waiting months to get the date for it, and they’ve already held it and given Charlie a knock-back. We will be fighting this legally.”