Dog ‘left to die’ in alley during birth

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A dog which was dumped in a Dunstable alleyway was in the middle of giving birth at the time, the RSPCA has said.

A young adult Yorkshire terrier was discovered behind Mayfield Road on Sunday (26 April) by a passerby, who rushed her to a vet where an emergency caesarian was given.

The puppies have been named Tulip, Iris, Bluebell and Oak

The puppies have been named Tulip, Iris, Bluebell and Oak

Four out of five puppies– three girls and a boy– survived the dramatic birth,

The mother, which has been named May after the road on which she was discovered, remains under veterinary treatment for a uterus infection.

She is said to be in a “very poorly” state.

The pups have been named Tulip, Iris, Bluebell and Oak.

RSPCA inspector Mel Fisher said: “Someone had just left this dog, and her pups, to die.

“There was no way this dog was going to be able to give birth naturally– it was clear there were complications.

“She was breathing heavily in a laboured way, and had a bloody discharge.

“It seems likely the owner just dumped her because of the difficult labour and didn’t want to pay for veterinary treatment.

“This means she had just been left like this to suffer on her own.”

“Owning a dog is a privilege and a responsibility and we urge people to remember their animals are reliant on them for care.

“It is simply not acceptable to dump them like this in such pain.

“If these kind passersby had not acted so quickly none of the puppies or May would have survived.”

Inspector Fisher added: “We have called the mum May, after Mayfield Road where she was found, and kept the spring theme going by naming the puppies Tulip, Iris, Bluebell and Oak.

“They are such gorgeous little things– and doing so well.

“We hope to find good happy homes for them as soon as they are old and strong enough.”