Dunstable club owner arrested after alleged sex attack

Unique nightclub in High Street North, Dunstable
Unique nightclub in High Street North, Dunstable
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The owner of a nightclub in Dunstable was arrested on suspicion of an alleged sexual assault outside his own club on Thursday night.

Tayyab Mushtaq, 42, was arrested shortly after 11pm after the alleged attack outside Unique nightclub on High Street North.

A witness told the Gazette the incident unfolded after Mr Mushtaq allegedly fought with another club owner, who came to inform him that his promotional materials were being dumped.

After the two were separated, Mr Mushtaq is alleged to have shouted sexual profanities at a woman.

The alleged sexual assault is then said to have occurred, with Mr Mushtaq accused of grabbing at her breasts and crotch before police arrived.

The witness said: “He went and locked himself inside and then came out. All the bar staff were out there.”

Mr Mushtaq was described as being then “dragged away” by police as he was arrested.

A Beds Police spokesman confirmed the incident took place and said: “We arrested a 42-year-old man from St Albans on suspicion of sexual assault after reports of an incident on Thursday evening in Dunstable.”