Dunstable sex attacker’s tongue bitten off by victim

A sex attacker has been locked up after one of his victims bravely bit off his tongue – providing police with vital DNA evidence.

Ferdinand Manila, 28, pounced on the woman as she walked along a dark alleyway in Dunstable, put his hand down her trousers and forced his tongue in her mouth.

But she sank her teeth into his tongue and Manila fled with blood running from his mouth. The victim, 29, spat out the piece of flesh but kept it to give to police.

Mentally-unstable Manila, of Houghton Road, Dunstable, went on to assault a second woman later the same day, grabbing a 55 year-old from behind and stroking her.

He was caught two months later when he was arrested for three further offences, which a jury cleared him of.

Luton Crown Court heard police kept the piece of tongue and matched his DNA to the first attacks.

The woman who bit off Manila’s tongue told how she was determined to get as much evidence about him as possible – after losing a rape case against another man.

The married victim, a mother, said the previous case fell through because she could not prove the attack was not consensual.

She said: “I wanted, number one, to try and get him off me and, number two, to show that what he was doing was not consensual.

“I fought him off as much as I could and wanted to leave as much evidence as possible on his body and my body to show that it’s not consensual in any way, shape or form.

“I wanted to gather as much evidence as I could – under my nails, by biting his tongue – so that police could catch him.

“It was really bizarre. Most people, you’d expect they’d back off, but it was almost as if he enjoyed it. It was bizarre.

“Initially, he went in for a kiss, but then as soon as I started fighting back and kind of pushed him off me and biting and scratching him that’s when he tried to make the sexual advances. It freaked me out to be honest.”

The woman was a student at the time of the attack with a conditional university place.

She lost her place after the assault, but hopes to start again. She added: “The incident, from when it happened to when he was caught, was very tough.

“I was afraid to leave the house, constantly looking over my shoulder. I couldn’t get any college work done and ultimately lost my place at university.

“But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I can’t live my life in constant fear, otherwise I’d be letting people like him win.

“These incidents are rare, I do know that, and I don’t blame him.

“I know he’s really sick and I’m glad that he’s in the hospital, it’s the best place for him. Hopefully it means that he can get better in the future and start his life over like I’m hoping to now.”

The attack on the mother took place in an alleyway which links links Sundown Avenue and Apollo Close in Dunstable at around 5.15pm.

Just ten minutes later the second victim was attacked when she was walking through Priory Gardens in the town.

Judge Barbara Mensah said: “His first victim took a big risk when she bit off a part of Mr Manila’s tongue. This was very distressing for her.

“The public needs to be protected from the nature of these offences that can cause serious psychological harm.”

Manila was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault against the two women on January 10 last year and given an indefinite hospital order.

The court heard Manila was being detained in psychiatric hospital Oak Tree Manor in Essex where he continued to act inappropriately.

Psychiatric professionals at the hospital reported that he has said that he wanted to peel the skin off people.

They also said he invades health workers’ personal space constantly, makes sexual comments to female staff and derogatory comments to male staff about their sexuality.

Imposing an indefinite hospital order, Judge Mensah said: “Mr Manila has been suffering from a mental disorder.

“I am satisfied that this the most suitable method of closing this case.”