Girlfriend beater from Dunstable is spared prison

Court News
Court News

A Dunstable man who beat his ex-girlfriend by the roadside near her small child has been given a suspended sentence.

Daniel Benjamin, 29, of Southwood Road, Dunstable, appeared at Luton Magistrates Court after he was convicted of assault and harrassment.

The court heard that on September 28, Benjamin offered to give his ex-girlfriend and her small daughter a lift, which she accepted.

But once in the car, she saw that instead of taking her home, Benjamin started driving her towards his own address in Dunstable.

The couple had split up just days before.

“It went on for ages,” the victim said. “He was pressuring me and asking questions about my ex-partner, it went on I would say for about two hours.”

Eventually, Benjamin pulled over and demanded to see the victim’s phone.

She said: “I got out of the car with him to try and calm him down. He locked the car.

“I had a shoulder bag and he kept pulling at it, eventually he got my phone.”

Going through her messages, he became even more angry.

She stated: “He started to punch out at me.

“He must have punched me at least six times. I had a swollen left cheek and a lump in my forehead.”

The woman said she tried to remonstrate with Benjamin even while he was punching her.

Benjamin then drove off, leaving the woman and her small child by the road. She flagged down a passing car and later went to the police.

The victim also received a number of threatening text messages from Benjamin in the period after the attack.

“Following this incident, my life has changed dramatically,” she stated.

“I just wanted him out of my life, I think every woman should have the right to leave a relationship when she wants.

“How he’s got away ... I don’t feel like he’s faced justice.”Benjamin’s defence highlighted personal problems and he was given a 24 week sentence, suspended for 18 months.

He must take part in a 12-month drug rehabilitation requirement, with another 30 days rehabilitation activity.

A restraining order was made banning any contact with the victim and also from approaching two addresses of her relatives.