Hit-run victim’s car dragged 100 yards along road

A man has been left unable to work after he was the victim of a hit-and-run road crash in Dunstable.

IT analyst Ed Igbeta said he still suffers flashbacks of the incident, which left him with a blood clot in the arm, bruising to the head and a swollen Achilles tendon.

“I believe it was their intention to kill me or hurt me.”

Ed Igbeta

The collision happened in Canesworde Road on Thursday, March 19 just before 4pm.

The 45-year-old, who lives in Dunstable, said: “I was driving along the A5 in the left hand lane and the truck was in the right and it just swerved into me and smashed into my driver’s door.

“It then got in front of me. I could not believe what had happened. I followed the truck because I felt I needed to get the registration number to report it to the police.

“The truck suddenly braked and reversed back down the road and hit straight into me. I was shocked. My car bonnet was stuck under their truck and they drove off, dragging me and my car for about 100 yards.

“I saw smoke coming from the wheels and I thought they were trying to kill me. They stopped, got out of the truck and ran off and got into a waiting car.

“I believe it was their intention to kill me or hurt me. They have destroyed my car.”

Mr Igbeta described the men as white and aged between 24 and 35.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: “We were called to reports of a collision between a white truck and a BMW at 3.55pm in Canesworde Road, Dunstable, on Thursday, March 19.

“Following the collision, the two occupants of the truck left and made off in another vehicle. The truck has been seized by police and enquiries are ongoing.

“Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.”