Houghton Regis dad: ‘My boy was stabbed but no-one will pay’

The aftermath of the scene
The aftermath of the scene

The dad of a teenager allegedly stabbed by a masked intruder in his Houghton Regis home has spoken of his fury after being told no charges are to be brought.

Arthur McGhee, 51, was at home in Millers Way with sons Josh and Charlie when would-be burglars struck on the night of August 9.

Brave Charlie, 15, helped apprehend one of the intruders with the help of his dad and brother, but was stabbed in the hand during the ruckus.

Police later arrested two suspects over the attempted burglary.

But Mr McGhee states he has been told that, as co-defendents, neither one of those arrested could give evidence against the other over the stabbing.

The furious dad told the Gazette: “It’s just lucky that my son was on the floor and put his hand up. If he was standing that knife could have gone anywhere in his body.

“They went out as armed burglars and nothing is going to be done about it. I’m absolutely furious.”

With no evidence against the alleged assailant other than the say-so of his co-accused, the CPS have declined to prosecute over the stabbing, Mr McGhee says he has been informed.

“I’m so angry,” said Mr McGhee. “We tried to do the right thing, we pulled one of them on to the floor and called police, we didn’t attack him.”

Mr McGhee was also critical of the forensic examination of his son’s clothes. He alleges a policewoman unnecessarily turned the clothing inside out when it was handed in – and he believes this may have damaged key evidence.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police insisted it was “inappropriate” to comment on the decision by the CPS not to prosecute over the stabbing.

The spokesman added that two individuals arrested were facing other court proceedings over the incident.

Anyone with information contact police on 101.