I was savaged by police dog, claims man who went to illegal rave

A Dunstable man was cuffed and initially denied medical treatment after he was savaged by a police dog at an illegal rave, it has been claimed.


In the early hours of March 1 Jack Dady, 20, of Jeans Way, made his way to Swindon with three friends to attend a rave at an empty unit on an industrial estate.

By the time Jack arrived at 1.45am police in riot gear had swooped to break up the party, setting up blockades to prevent more people from gaining access to the site.

Violence ensued and four officers were injured after bottles, stones and slabs of concrete were thrown at them.

While attempting to find a way into the industrial estate, Jack was attacked by a police dog, which knocked him over and tore through the flesh of his right calf.

It is claimed that in the aftermath of the attack the Dunstable man’s pleas for medical help were ignored by officers, who instead decided to arrest him for a public order offence.

Jack told the Gazette that it was only as he was being placed into the police van that he was taken seriously.

He said: “I wasn’t causing them any threat at all when the dog attacked me. I might have been a bit loud telling them to let us in but there was no violence at all.

“We were trying to gain entry but we were not doing it aggressively.

“The dog started barking at me to make a bit of noise but I had no idea it was going to bite me.

“The dog yanked me over and wouldn’t let go, the policeman had to ask about eight times before it did.

“I tried to get one of them to help me with my leg, but they would not look at it.

“In the end I got arrested as I put my foot down. All I wanted was a bit of help but it didn’t happen.”

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