Kensworth man sentenced for dog neglect


A Kensworth man has been banned from owning animals for five years, but his desperate pleas for magistrates to spare the life of his dog were given sympathy.

On Friday Glenn MacDonald, 32, of Common Road, was sentenced at Luton Magistrates’ Court for owning and neglecting a breed of pit bull terrier which is banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Following a complaint made by MacDonald’s girlfriend, police and RSPCA broke into the 32-year-old’s home on March 5 and found the female dog named ’Chaos’ locked in a cage in a “bad way”.

Alan Burdis-Smith, prosecuting, told the court that Chaos’ condition showed that she had been neglected for eight months and that it would have taken four days for her to get so dehydrated.

At the time MacDonald was working away in Leeds and claimed that a friend visited each day to see the dog.

At an earlier trial the 32-year-old was found guilty of owning and neglecting a dangerous dog.

On Friday he was given a five year animal prohibition order, 200 hours of unpaid work and was told to pay £3,974 in compensation for vet and kennels fees.

Chaos could have also been the subject of a destruction order, had it not been for vets concluding the dog posed no danger and MacDonald’s own desperate pleas.

Prior to sentencing he told magistrates: “She is a beautiful dog in a bad circumstance, I am deeply sorry for Chaos as much as anyone else.

“They say she is a lovely dog, please let her live and let me find someone else to look after her.”

MacDonald added that as he is self-employed he would often be away from home for weeks at a time.

He said: “I never intentionally hurt her and I didn’t notice her condition as I should have.”

Magistrates passed an order which means that MacDonald has two months to ensure Chaos is neutered, microchipped and has 3rd party insurance under a different carer.