Paedophile hunters: Convicted perverts should get social media bans

Neil and Katie Ivall
Neil and Katie Ivall

Convicted perverts should be given automatic social media bans, according to a pair of ‘paedophile hunters’.

Since discovering that their own child had become a target to perverts online, Neil and Katie Ivall have handed over more than a dozen alleged paedophiles to the police.

Using a fake social media profile for a 12-year-old girl, the Dunstable couple meet and ‘expose’ the men in public places.

Video footage of the meetings have been watched tens of thousands of times online.

After securing the convictions of several paedophiles Neil and Katie are now campaigning for tighter rules online.

They say that convicted perverts should be given social media bans to minimalise the chances of reoffending.

Katie told the Gazette: “What we’ve learned is that if they are lucky enough to get bail they are straight back on the internet even if they are forbidden from doing so.

“A man we caught was back on Facebook almost instantly, he just changed the picture on his account.

“As I don’t delete them off the account I can see that they are active, they just do not care.”

Neil and Katie have put together a petition to press home their point and at the time of going to print it had gained 2,350 signatures.

Katie added: “It seems they (the police) can’t stop people from using social media, they say they monitor them but they clearly do not.

“We want them to go back and serve jail sentences for breaking conditions.

“There should also be stronger sentences, six month jail terms are just not right.”

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre says it receives more than 1,000 reports a month of inappropriate behaviour online.

CEOP’s Zoe Hilton warns that children “take risks and can be quite naive” when using social media sites.

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