Police search Luton garden for missing Natalia

Natalia and Gerald Doherty
Natalia and Gerald Doherty

Police are searching a garden in the hunt for the remains of a woman feared murdered more than a decade ago.

Natalia Doherty, 50, was last seen on April 15, 2003 when she was living in Eastbourne Sussex.

Police believe Ms Doherty was murdered because their enquiries have failed to find any proof that she might be alive.

Two men were arrested and bailed in connection with her disappearance after the house in Luton, Beds, was searched in September.

Officers said ground survey work was now being carried out on the surface of the garden at the house in Luton to see if the ground had been disturbed.

Detectives believe that near to the date she was last seen alive, Ms Doherty travelled to Luton to stay with her ex-husband, Gerald Doherty, who has since died.