Supermarket is ‘sorry’ over expired medicine

A supermarket has been forced to apologise for selling out of date medicine – just six months after its pharmacy dispensed expired drugs.

After returning home from Tesco, Skimpot Lane, Dunstable, on Friday, medical student Huzaifa Nazir Ahmad was stunned to discover that the Lemsip he had bought had expired on October 1 and was three months out of date.

Mr Ahmad was unable to return the product as he was due to travel abroad, but has raised the issue with the supermarket’s complaints department.

He told the Gazette: “I was quite concerned not just for myself but that there might have been other people who must have bought this product.

“God knows how many of them have consumed the product without reading the expiry date.”

The incident comes just six months after a Dunstable couple were given out of date drugs for their son, who is recovering from a brain tumour.

Colin and Elaine Rawson, of Half Moon Lane, took a prescription to Tesco’s in-store pharmacy for anti-seizure medication Levetiracetam in July, but later found that it had expired two months before they picked it up.

The Rawsons complained to the General Pharmaceutical Council and told the Gazette of their anger over the response they had received from Tesco, which later apologised and donated £300 to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

A spokesman added at the time: “This is a serious incident and we are conducting a full investigation.”

Mr Ahmad, from Luton, issued his concern that the supermarket had again sold out of date medication.

He said: “A similar incidence taking place before is very unfortunate and displays their level of competence.

“Tesco, being a multi-national company, have shown a heedless behaviour when it came to solving this situation and they have proven that by repeating the same mistake again and selling me an expired product.”

Tesco has told the Gazette that the incident is being examined.

A spokesman said: “We have strict processes for checking the dates on our products and we would like to assure customers that all pharmacy products have been thoroughly re-checked.

“We’ve apologised to Mr Ahmad for this incident and we’ve offered him a gesture of goodwill.”