Tackling knife crime

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Schools across the county were visited by police officers on Friday as part of a force wide initiative to educate young people on the consequences of carrying a knife.

The visits were part of a month long campaign on youth violence and knife crime. Knife arches were put in place at Chalk Hills Academy to search pupils on their way into school.

Samia Akram, acting principal of Chalk Hills, said: “We are very pleased to be working hand-in-hand with Bedfordshire Police on this very important initiative. Making sure staff and students are safe is paramount and when it comes to carrying any weapons, we have a zero tolerance approach at Chalk Hills.”

One parent was unhappy with the knife arches at the school, she said: “My daughter rang me and said the police were there and they had to go through detectors, she is 14 and was petrified. I feel it is the wrong way to tackle the issue.”

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police said: “The visit to Chalk Hills and other schools across the county is part of our on-going work to tackle the knife crime. We are pleased to report that no knives were found during the searches at Chalk Hills, which is a testament to the school.”