Toddington man jailed 6 years after rampage of attacks on girlfriend, female police officer and bystander

A Toddington man described by a judge as posing a “serious risk” to women has been jailed for six years after going on a rampage attacking his girlfriend, a bystander who came to her aid and a female police officer.

Ross Welham, 41, of High Street, Toddington, was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday) at Luton Crown Court after being found guilty of grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent, and assault by beating.

Ross Welham

Ross Welham

At around 1am on Sunday, August 18, police were called by a man who reported he had been punched in the face at the southbound petrol station at Toddington Services.

He had earlier witnessed Welham hitting a woman and putting her into a car, and was then assaulted by him when he tried to intervene.

Just 20 minutes later, the ambulance service were called to Welham's address where his girlfriend had serious facial injuries requiring hospital and dental attention after being assaulted by Welham - who was quickly identified as the man seen at the service station.

When emergency services arrived, Welham had already left the house and gone to an address in Leighton Buzzard.

On arrival at that address, officers found Welham asleep on the sofa and, when he was woken, he refused to comply and attacked a female officer during the arrest, injuring her mouth.

Welham was finally arrested after being sprayed and tasered by officers.

He pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to six years in total. An indefinite restraining order has also been issued which prevents him from contacting the victim.

Investigation Officer Philip Stanton said: “Welham’s aggressive and violent actions seriously injured his victim and caused harm to those who tried to help her.

“The judge commented that Welham also poses a serious risk to any future partners, and the length of the sentence handed down to him reflects the severity with which such behaviour is viewed by the police and the courts.

“Violence of any kind is utterly unacceptable and we are dedicated to the investigation of domestic crime, and to the safeguarding and supporting of victims of violence, encouraging them to speak out, so that we can bring offenders like Welham to justice.”

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