Working together to improve the town

Shops on Ashton Square
Shops on Ashton Square

A business woman from Dunstable has been working with other shops and the police in a bid to stop the anti-social behaviour in Ashton Square.

Joanne Bowes wrote to the PCC, Central Bedfordshire and Dunstable Town Councillors about the issues in the town.

She said: “We have had problems with anti-social behaviour on the square with children on bikes. They are riding around, mounting pavements and when they are asked to stop they become rude and aggressive, they are intimidating. There have also been a number of break ins at Eleanor’s Cross, we need more police presence on the streets, all the shops are fed up and we want more to be done.

“The shops are all working together, we want to stop the anti-social behaviour and make Dunstable a better place. I am confident we can work with the police and councils to do this.”

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police said: “We are aware of concerns of local residents and the council around anti-social behaviour and vandalism in Dunstable and a number of measures have been put in place to tackle this.

“These measures include; increasing our police presence in the town, allocating a specific point of contact to deal with these concerns, and working with our partner agencies and local schools to help reduce the issues. Anyone with concerns about anti-social behaviour in their area should contact police on 101.”

Central Bedfordshire Council are aware of the problems, a spokesman said: “The Community Safety Operations Team are aware of the issues and are working with the Police, the Town Council and using CCTV to resolve the issues.”

Dunstable Town Council said they will work with the police and Central Bedfordshire Council to stop anti-social behaviour in the town.