‘Dad’s watch was stolen while we visited his grave at Dunstable Cemetery’

Dunstable Cemetery - Credit: Google
Dunstable Cemetery - Credit: Google

A grieving mother and daughter had sentimental items stolen from their car whilst visiting Dunstable Cemetery.

The daughter had driven with her mother to visit her late father’s grave on Sunday, May 6, and parked on a slip road just outside the West Street Chapel at around 2.30pm.

A picture of a family watch which looks similar to the father's stolen one.

A picture of a family watch which looks similar to the father's stolen one.

However, it wasn’t until later that evening that the daughter realised the car had actually been broken into, and that her late father’s gold faced watch, neice’s Tiffany necklace, mother’s handbag, and other items had gone.

The daughter claims: “When we got home to mother’s, I said, ‘oh you must have left your handbag’, but we went back and it wasn’t there.

“It wasn’t until I got home and opened my boot that I realised the watch, necklace, and my shopping had gone. We also remembered mum’s handbag had been left under a cushion in the car. We’ve lost about £1,000.”

“However, the cemetery didn’t have CCTV, so I’d like to warn people about crime. The officer thought one possibility was that the offender/s may have been carrying the same set of keys as my car model.”

A spokesman for Dunstable Cemetery, said: “We are very sorry to hear that a lady visiting the cemetery had valuables stolen from her car.

“I can confirm that we do not have CCTV cameras at the cemetery and could not, at this time, justify the significant cost of installing them.

“We advise that people do not leave valuables in their car when left unattended.”

Beds Police spokeswoman, said: “We would urge all motorists to take care when leaving vehicles and property unattended. Never leave valuables in your vehicle and keep any other possessions out of sight of opportunist thieves.

“Advice on vehicle security is available on our website at: https://www.bedfordshire.police.uk/A-Z/Vehicle-security”