Debut book for author from Dunstable

Dunstable author Sue Batten
Dunstable author Sue Batten

A Dunstable mum who kept her children amused on caravan holidays by leaving them space to draw beneath the stories she’d written for them has had her first book published,

Sue Batten’s debut book is entitled Colin and Carrie Stories and features the friendship between Colin the car and Carrie the caravan.

It’s aimed at children, although Sue – a pharmaceutical industry quality assurance consultant – hopes it will also encourage parents to contemplate going on a caravan adventure.

She described the book as “a bit of fun” and said: “The stories are about friendships being made, anxieties dispelled and fun in the outdoors. And they’re all more or less what happened when we first started caravanning – from the point of view of the car and the caravan.”
And she thinks she may have found a niche market: There aren’t that many books about merry journeys featuring twin heroes like Colin and Carrie.

> Colin and Carrie Stories is available from Amazon.