Donation will help sow seeds of recovery...

Planting tomato seeds
Planting tomato seeds

Children at Luton’s NSPCC service centre will be getting t to grips with nature and sewing seeds this summer, thanks to a garden centre chain.

Wyevale Garden Centre Group has donated packets of seeds to help young people in their therapy sessions.

The seeds, which have been donated through the group’s ‘Gardens for Good’ initiative, are being planted during therapy sessions and maintained by young people for the duration of their counselling.

As well as being a symbol of hope, growth and progress, they are also a practical tool for counselling sessions.

Service centre manager Alison Stewart-Ross said: “Looking after and tending to the tomato seeds will be a really rewarding experience for our children at the centre.

“To watch them grow and hopefully thrive under their care could really help to develop their feelings and understanding of what it takes to look after another living thing.

“We work with a lot of children who are recovering from abusive and difficult situations, and therapeutic ways such as looking after plants and creatures can really help them in their recovery.”

Wyevale’s Stephen Murphy said: “As a business, we recognise the power of the garden and our Gardens for Goodinitiative supports charities where gardens or the act of gardening can bring physical and emotional benefits to people. We are pleased that our seed donation will complement the therapy sessions run by the NSPCC and help young people to talk about their experiences as part of their recovery.”

Wyevale also donates 25p of the entry fee to its restaurants’ play areas to fund NSPCC services for children who have been abused.

For more information about The Garden Centre Group and Gardens for Good please call 0800 413213 or visit

, where play and garden activities can help in their recovery.

he NSPCC has benefited from Wyevale Garden Centre Group’s ‘Gardens for Good’ programme, with 25p