Driver anger as fuel top up is delayed

Michael is angry about his experience at the Esso petrol station in Dunstable
Michael is angry about his experience at the Esso petrol station in Dunstable

A driver is furious at the service he received at the Esso/Tesco garage on High Street North in Dunstable.

Michael Cole, of Dunstable, was one of two customers who filled up their cars at the same pump on Wednesday, September 6, and neither car’s fuel tank gauge moved.

He said: “I was filling up at the Tesco Express when a lady in a car stopped me and explained that she had just put £20 of fuel in her car but the gauge had not moved when she left the station.

“I switched on my ignition to find that the £15 worth of fuel that was showing on the pump had made no difference to my fuel gauge.”

Both customers went into the shop to explain what had happened. Mr Cole, who drives a Saab, said: “The duty manager spoke to us and we gave him our details.

“He said he would pass them on to Esso at some point and we would be advised of what will happen with the situation in the future, I didn’t think that response was good enough.

“A manager for a multi-billion pound company squabbling with two honest customers about £35, the whole thing was ridiculous.

“I refused to pay, I told him to get in touch when he knew an update on the petrol, he had my details. The way we were being treated was ridiculous, he was very rude and unhelpful and threatened to call the police.”

Mr Cole believes there was a problem with the pump because later that day the petrol gauge on his car – and on the car of the other motorist (who he kept in touch with) – moved up about an hour later.

He said: “I was driving for around 30 miles which was about an hour or so, when the petrol gauge started to move slowly to where it should have been after filling up, it makes me wonder if there was a blockage in the pump.”

The manager of the store demonstrated to the customers that the fuel pump was working correctly at the time by filling up a Jerry Can but Mr Cole claims that the quantity didn’t match what was showing on the pump.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We’d like to thank our customers for raising their concerns with us, however as we demonstrated at the time, we can confirm that the fuel pump at our Dunstable High Street Esso Express store was working correctly. As a precautionary measure following their feedback we closed the pump temporarily and carried out a full inspection.”