Dunstable club Unity under fire over entertainment booking

Unity bar
Unity bar

A Dunstable nightclub has come under fire after allegedly failing to pay an entertainment agency for a celebrity guest on its launch night.

Unity nightclub in The Quadrant was launched to much fanfare on June 10 with celebrity guests TOWIE’s Dan Edgar and EastEnders’ Aaron Sidwell in attendance.

At the time, club owner Steve Elliot said: “We have faced our fair share of problems but we are very pleased to say we have overcome them all.”

But since then, talent agency Contraband has contacted the Gazette saying they are yet to be paid by Unity for booking Aaron Sidwell.

Contraband say on the day of the booking, they were sent a screenshot by Unity showing “proof of transfer” and were assured the money would appear in their account within hours.

Contraband owner Chase McGuinness said: “Upon checking the banks again the following week, the funds were not showing. A call was made to the owner and we were told that as it was a new club, they were struggling to pay their bills, and had fallen behind.”

In spite of Unity’s alleged failure to pay Contraband, the latter was still obliged to pay Mr Sidwell for his appearance.

Contraband state it had arranged a payment plan with Unity to reclaim the fund but no money has been paid.

Since then, the events agency says it has had no contact or response to calls or emails. The agency has also questioned whether the original “proof of transfer” image was a fabrication.

Mr McGuinness added: “We have taken advice and will be serving a winding up petition on the company.”

Last Friday, a notice appeared outside the club door stating Unity had “officially” been sold and was under new ownership, just seven weeks after its launch.

It added: “Any information will be made in due course.”

>The Dunstable Gazette contacted Unity nightclub and previous owner Steve Elliot for comment but no response had been given at the time of press.