Dunstable girls show Canadians how to party

Never let it be said the ladies of Dunstable' don't know how to party...

Friday, 27th July 2018, 3:16 pm
Updated Friday, 27th July 2018, 3:19 pm

Horst and Rob Bitschofsky from Montreal and Ottawa in Canada were on a brief visit to London, strolling along the busy river-walk at Southbank, and spotted four stunningly glitterful ladies having a small party on a bench.

The brotherssaid: “We were so taken, we couldn’t keep ourselves from going over to say: you ladies are amazing!

“They said, Please come help us finish our drinks because we’re on our way to the Disco Cruise, leaving shortly. So, out came their plastic cups, their 2 litre water bottle which had been refilled with booze, fruit juice and blueberries, and drinks were offered. Then, one lady said, Oh wait, here comes the Prosecco, and that was added in. And so the party of four became a party of six.

“We’re from Dunstable, the ladies announced proudly, as they poured more drink, and thus we whiled away a goodly amount of time till the ladies suddenly leapt up and fled to catch their cruise. They vanished into the crowds.

“It was an extraordinarily hot day in London, so with the heat and the Dunstable drink, my brother and I never did get to wherever we thought we might be going that afternoon, but we think it was the best hour we had on our trip.

“We don’t even know their names, and are hoping we could express our extreme gratitude by sending you this item.

“THANKS DUNSTABLE LADIES, you made our day!”